Research Focus

INDEF‘s research and policy studies focus on macroeconomics, trade and industrial policies, finance and bank, agricultural and small scale business policies and other sectoral issues such as poverty alleviation and regional autonomy

Economics Research Focus

  • The making of Indonesian economy recovery.
  • Reformed economic institutions for justice.
  • Fair competition and deregulation policy.
  • Free and fair international trade.
  • Small-medium-enterprises (SME) development.
  • Food security and market structures.
  • Agribusiness and agricultural development.
  • Natural resource policy for sustainability.
  • Labor policy and employment-led recovery.
  • Restructuring wood and forestry industries.
  • Privatization of state-owned enterprises.

Others Related Issues

  • Social justice and poverty alleviation.
  • Sources, patterns and instrument of corruption.
  • Reforms of political institutions for recovery.